Valenti Lawyers Finance & Security Services division is one that is at the very forefront of the ever advancing secured lending legal system. Specialising in West Coast Rock Lobster licenses, Managed Fisheries licenses and Pastoral licenses. From loan agreements to PPSA registrations, our team works with you to ensure your requirements are met timely and efficiently.

We know our finance clients value concise and streamlined formats and a quick turnaround time and we make sure we deliver on this – whether it be a small transaction or high volume transactions, our standards never waiver. We have adopted the PEXA system that allows us to electronically lodge land documents safely and securely.

With over 80 years’ experience, our finance team can undertake any finance or lending matter you may have.

If you have a finance or security matter you require advice or assistance with, please give our team a call and speak to our friendly staff and find out how we can assist you today.



Loan Agreements

General Security Agreements

National Consumer Credit Code lending

PPSA registrations


Priority Agreements

Security over Water Rights

Fisheries security

Security over crops and livestock


PEXA settlements

Pastoral Licenses

Managed Fisheries Licenses

West Cost Rock Lobster Licenses


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