At Valenti Lawyers, land reservation, resumption and compensation is not just a service, it is a passion of ours and something we invest in to ensure our clients receive the best outcome for each individual situation. We pride ourselves on being a competent and capable firm that fluidly deals with the complexity of land reservation, resumption and compensation on a daily basis.

We consider our Land Reservation, Resumption & Compensation section to be one of the most proactive within Western Australia. With a dedicated planner in our team, we are consistently on top of any planning or land acquisitions that are to be carried out or already in the process of being acquired to ensure these individuals affected are given the opportunity to fair compensation entitlement.

We at Valenti Lawyers are devoted to ensuring owners receive fair
compensation and believe a majority of individuals and families can benefit from accessory information and advice in order to obtain the best outcome for your compensation.

If you have a land reservation, resumption or compensation matter you require advice or assistance with, please give our team a call and speak to our friendly staff and find out how we can assist you today.

Reservation or resumption of land for a public purpose

Land owner’s entitlements

Proposed or actual taking of land

Applications to the Supreme Court of Western Australia

Arbitration for compensation for land resumed or reserved for a public purpose

Applications to the Board of Valuers

Negotiations with public agencies


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