What you might not think would be an area that Valenti Lawyers have extensive experience in, is actually one of our most demanded by our clients. Our Wills, Probate & Inheritance division work closely with all of our clients to ensure that each and every individual is in safe hands while a client with Valenti Lawyers. We like to ensure our clients are protected in all matters in their commercial life, which includes pre-empting unforeseen events that can drastically change a company or business structure.

While our focus is keeping your commercial legacy safe and secure we also understand that your family and their protection is what matters the most. We work closely with you, and your business partners (if applicable), to ensure all your concerns and needs are met.

If you have a wills, probate or inheritance matter you require advice or assistance with, please give our team a call and speak to our friendly staff and find out how we can assist you today.

Simple and Complex Wills

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Guardianship

Advance Health Directives

Probate or Letters of Administration

Estate Administration

Land transfer documents

Advice to Executors

Challenging the validity of a will

Challenging or defending a will pursuant to the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA)

Preparation of Deeds of Family Arrangement


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