The start of what we know today as Valenti Lawyers, was in September 1996 after Kim Valenti retired from the law firm of Pullinger, Sanderson and Workman, where he had been a partner for 8 years.

The catalyst for the establishment of Valenti Lawyers, was Kim’s desire to provide a trusted advisory service delivering information, counsel and guidance to clients with respect to any commercial matter they wish to discuss. After 18 years of experience in various firms, there was no better time for Kim to see if he could succeed in his goal.

The firm was originally known as Kim Valenti & Associates and had its first office at Nicholson Road, Subiaco.

Denise Calver, Head of Finance & Securities Division at Valenti Lawyers, was the first to join Kim at Kim Valenti & Associates. Together they established the business pathway of Valenti Lawyers.

In the initial stages, Valenti Lawyers primary focus was predominately finance and commercial law. However, similar to other businesses Valenti Lawyers needed to diversify their commercial offering. Matthew Noonan-Crowe joined Kim and Denise at Valenti Lawyers and was instrumental in initiating and growing the Commercial Litigation Division to be one of the main engines of the firm. Leading to Matthew becoming a partner of the firm in 2017.

The firm has steadily grown from 2 employees to 15 during its 22 year life and is enjoying the reputational success which is driven by the firm’s philosophy, goals and values. Values that have not changed at all 22 years later.

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