Why do we now offer SME Essentials?

At Valenti Lawyers, we know how difficult it can be to start or operate a small/medium business without having to deal with legal issues that may arise. We have unfortunately also seen first-hand the devastating effects of what happens when businesses haven’t secured themselves properly legally, against employees, suppliers and customers.

We understand that if you own a small/medium business, it’s not just “a business”, it is your livelihood that supports and secures your family’s lifestyle, health and wellness.

Our SME team believe that all business should have the opportunity to be properly informed of their rights, responsibilities and obligations as business owners – and how you can protect your business from legal threats.

This is why we have developed our SME Essentials packages, offering SME businesses access to documentation that will help to secure their business. There are two affordable packages to choose from, designed to suit the different stages and growth phases your business may be in.

1. Business Basics

30 Minute Consultation with a Senior Lawyer

Employment Contracts

Terms and Conditions Documentation

$2500 + GST


2. Comprehensive protection

30 Minute Consultation with a Senior Lawyer

Employment Contracts

Terms and Conditions Documentation

Shareholder/Partnership Agreements

Debt Recovery Documentation

Follow-up Consultation

$7500 + GST


What are the benefits to you, as an SME owner, of utilising one of our SME Essential packages?

  1. Cheaper, fixed fees ensure greater certainty around business costs, and make tailored legal documentation, to secure your business, more accessible.
  2. You can access which ever package suits your business the best at this point in time.
  3. The packages are suitable for all SME business types – whether you are a new businesses just starting up, or an established business that recognises you need more legal security, or that it’s time to update you existing documentation.
  4. Access to advice/information from senior legal professionals.
  5. Having legal advice and documents that are tailored for your business and take into consideration your family and business.
  6. You will be building a relationship with a professional law firm and lawyer, so that if legal issues do arise in your business, you have a lawyers who already knows your business, that can assist.


Contact us today to see how our SME Essentials packages can assist you.

Nick Steinsvaag