Senior Paralegal

Neil is our Senior Paralegal in the Finance Division. Neil commenced with Valenti Lawyers in 2013 and has extensive experience in the banking and finance industry.

Neil completed an Associate Diploma in Business (Legal Studies) in 1997. Neil has assisted various financial institutions and private lenders in transactions in real and personal property, managed fishery licenses and various water transactions involving both Department of Water and water cooperatives. Neil’s experience and knowledge in these areas ensures clients in the finance division are assured to high quality and timely advice.

Adding to his already extensive array of experience, Neil also developed a high level of expertise in Landgate processes and transactions, and consistently assists in rural work for the firm including succession planning.

In 2015, Neil assisted one of our Agribusiness lender clients in becoming the first lender to have all new Mortgages lodged prior to the expiry of all Pastoral Leases.

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