Rural Assets & Succession Planning

When there’s always crops to sow, stock to feed and grain to harvest, there never seems an ideal time to plan the future of your farm business.  Still, asset protection and succession planning sit in the back of your mind to do ‘one day’.  The risk is that ‘one day’ arrives when you’re least prepared for it. That’s when decisions feel rushed, and mistakes are made under pressure.

Rural assets and succession planning isn’t just about having a Will or a strategy to deal with your assets when you’re no longer around. It’s a living and dynamic plan for your personal, family and business affairs that changes with circumstances and as life evolves.

Everyone’s family and every farm business is different. Just because a farm business is in your blood doesn’t mean your children – and their family – feel the same.  Equally, when children are brought into ownership of part or all of the farm, your financial stability and security mustn’t be compromised. 

We’re proud of our connections with many rural families.  Over the years, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and issues faced by rural businesses and landholders.  Likewise, we know the difficult questions to address, the information to dispel confusion and how to protect the future of the next farming generation as well as yours.

Before it’s too late or before it becomes a problem, please contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about rural assets and succession planning.