Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation is the pillar of strength at Valenti Lawyers. We understand that any litigation matters you may have, need to be resolved quickly and timely and satisfactory to your needs. Our litigation team have a considerable amount of experience in dispute resolution and advocacy services.

With each matter, we endeavour to get the desired resolution for our clients as quickly as possible without prolonged interruptions to your business and without the need for costly and uncertain litigation. In times when a negotiated or mediated solution is not reached, our team will work closely with you to find a commercially-focused, practical and strategic outcome to achieve the best possible result.

If you have a Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation matter you require advice or assistance with, please give our team a call and speak to our friendly staff and find out how we can assist you today.

Issuing Letters of demand

Liaising with debtors and debt recovery

Conducting court proceedings

Breach of contract


Insurance law

Issuing statutory demands and conducting related proceedings

Winding up proceedings

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Appointment of receivers and managers

Enforcement of judgement debts



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